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Teeth Whitening

As your enamel wears down, the protective coating on your teeth is eroded and your teeth can become discolored. Teeth whitening can restore the natural color of your teeth to their natural bright white.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recommend using custom-fitted mouth tray created by your dentist to whiten your teeth.

Before starting the whitening process, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and treat any existing dental problems like decay or gum disease. From there, an impression is taken of your teeth which is used to fashion a custom mouth tray. Dr. Beshay will provide instructions on how to use and answer questions or concerns you may have. The trays are used with a whitening gel and are worn at home for a specified number of hours and days each week.

Our patients are amazed at how quickly they see results at home and how white their teeth turn with convenient at-home treatments. An occasional treatment now and then is all you’ll need to keep your teeth looking bright and sparkly white.

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Our cosmetic dentistry includes crown restoration, bonding, veneers, bridges/dentures, whitening, and tooth colored fillings.

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