Family Dentistry

We make Family Dental care a one stop shop here at First Street Smiles. You can be confident in trusting our team to care for your littlest smiles, all the way through to senior dental care. Every member of your family is important to us and welcome to be seen and treated here! Schedule your appointment today!

Services Available

Comprehensive Treatment Program

Oral Exam &
Routine Cleaning

A consistent and detailed approach to dental hygiene and your oral care at each routine visit will ensure healthy gums and smiles. Say goodbye to tartar, and hello to your pearly whites!

Super Clean Teeth

X-Rays &
Diagnostic Care

Early detection of any tooth decay in critical in saving your teeth, and preventing a minor issue from becoming more concerning.

Book your appointments as recommended by our team to treat and care for your teeth, gums and smile!

Dental Repair

Implants, Bridges
and Dentures

If you need to supplement your smile with dental prosthesis, Dr. Beshay will create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable tooth restoration to support your full smile, chewing and other oral functions.

Tooth Decay Prevention


To maintain the healthiest oral environment, you may need to have a root canal. Often, this procedure can be performed with our CEREC Technology, allowing us to complete a full tooth restoration in one visit.

Come and Experience the Very Best in Painless Dentistry

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