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3 Benefits of Going to a Family Dentist

When you’re choosing a dental practice, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not all the same. They can have different focuses and specialties, so you’ll want to think about which type would fit your needs best. A family dentist is an option that’s great for both individuals and family units, and here are three benefits of choosing this type of dentist:

1. Bring Everyone at Once

A family dentist makes it easier and more convenient to take care of your own health and that of everyone in your family at the same time. You can easily make appointments together for you, your spouse, and your kids so everyone goes at the same time. You can even bring your aging parents if that makes sense for your family. No need for juggling multiple appointments and trips to the office for your regular checkups. And family appointments have the benefit of helping children feel better about visiting the dentist, as you’re all going together and they’re following your lead.

2. Full-Service Care in One Office

Rather than being overly specialized, family dentists can take care of many dental needs all in the same place. They can treat your entire family, from the youngest to the oldest members, and they provide a full range of dental care. For example, at First Street Smiles, our services include:
  • pediatric dentistry to specialize in children’s changing dental needs
  • family dentistry that includes general care for maintenance and restorative care for problems
  • cosmetic dentistry that helps your smile look its best while also improving your oral health
In other words, taking care of your entire family’s range of dental needs will be easier for you, because so many services are offered in one place. It’s also great for each individual as you go through different stages and dental needs throughout your lifetime.

3. Long-term Care

Going to a family dentist encourages you and your family to have an ongoing relationship with one dentist instead of jumping from dentist to dentist over the years. This can be a very good thing. You’ll all get to know your dentist and feel more comfortable, and your dentist will know all of you and be able to improve your experience. This can especially be important for children. Also, sticking with the same dentist can result in better dental care over time. Your dentist will have a better understanding of each person’s dental history and your family history. Your dentist will have long-term records, which can give a better understanding of your health and help them keep up with any problems over time, whereas problems can be missed when skipping from one dentist to another.

Visit a Family Dentist in Andover, MA

You’ll find a highly rated family dental practice at First Street Smiles in Andover, MA. We provide a range of dental services in our office to give your family consistency, friendliness, and quality for everyone’s oral health. Make your family’s appointment today!