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Same Day Implant After Tooth Extraction

Exploring Same Day Dental Implants

Same day implant after tooth extraction involve a streamlined process that allows for immediate tooth replacement. During this advanced dental procedure, the dentist removes a failing tooth and places an implant in the same visit. Cutting-edge technology and techniques ensure successful outcomes, providing patients with new, functional teeth in just one appointment. The procedure begins with the extraction of the damaged or decayed tooth. Next, using 3D imaging and CBCT-guided technology, Dr. Bshay precisely places an implant into the jawbone. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments typically required for traditional implants (Traditionally, classic free-hand implant techniques used to be 9-12 Month long). The use of guided surgery ensures accuracy and efficiency in placing implants, leading to predictable healthy and esthetic results.


Reduced treatment time: Patients benefit from receiving new teeth foundation on the same day as their extractions. Then receiving the final tooth in 3 Month time VS 9-12 Month with traditional techniques. Immediate results: In the front area of the mouth, immediate temporization is indicated. Enjoy restored aesthetics and confidence without waiting for healing periods, with a missing front tooth. Uneventful healing time with the least discomfort possible. Most of the discomfort after extraction comes from the bare extraction socket walls (Usually 2-3 weeks of discomfort until initial healing happens), in severe cases potential dry socket may develop (One of the most painful conditions in the oral cavity). With immediate guided implant and bone graft after the tooth extraction, you avoid all of this, the tooth socket wall will be covered with the Implant/bone graft which advances your extraction healing weeks ahead, also preventing bone loss that usually accompanies regular extraction.

The Immediate Dental Implant Procedure

During the same day implants after tooth extraction procedure, the tooth extraction process is carefully orchestrated to minimize trauma to surrounding tissues. The dental professional ensures that each step sets a strong foundation for successful implant placement. By using precise techniques, the oral surgeon removes the damaged or decayed tooth without affecting neighboring areas.

The careful extraction process involves gently separating the tooth from its socket in the jawbone, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding bone and gum tissue. This meticulous approach reduces post-operative discomfort and facilitates quicker healing. It also creates an optimal environment for immediate implant placement, paving the way for a seamless transition to dental restoration.

Guided implant placement plays a crucial role in enhancing accuracy and reducing risks during this advanced dental procedure. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials, such as surgical guides and specialized drills, dental professionals ensure that implants are positioned with utmost precision within your jawbone. This technique not only streamlines the entire process but also contributes to improved long-term outcomes for patients undergoing same-day extractions and guided implants.

In conclusion, with immediate guided Implant and bone graft after your tooth extraction, you cut down significantly:

  1. Tissue loss (Gum and Bone).
  2. Usage of pain medication and unpleasant side effects.
  3. Missing tooth time.
  4. Chances of socket contamination and dry sockets.

Advantages of Guided Implants

  1. No room for implant placement errors, surgery is planned and surgical guides are manufactured digitally.
  2. 90% less invasive surgical scope and time, which means quicker and uncomplicated recovery.
  3. Long term predictable results, No oops factor or surprises at the time of the tooth placement, conducive to optimal function and aesthetics..
  4. Atraumatic teeth extraction which enhances safety to neighboring teeth and vital structures, (Nerves and blood vessels canals and sinuses).


Bone grafting materials have evolved significantly over time, today’s grafting biomaterials is driven from human tissue donors (Allografts,is a process similar to blood donation), then it’s treated under strict aseptic conditions to achieve the highest levels of purity. Then gets synthetic source additives to enhance the biological as well as the mechanical properties of the graft.

Grafting techniques involves two essential features:

1- Osteo(bone)inductive: means the material is bioengineered to induce bone to the receiver site once it comes in touch with human blood.

2- Osteo(bone)conductive: means the material acts as a scaffold, allowing your natural bone laying cells to creep then lay your natural bone in the extraction site.

Eventually your body will remodel the whole site to become your natural bone.

Bone graft and implant maturation: Usually this process takes around 12 weeks, then your implant becomes ready to receive the permanent tooth.

Recovery, pain management and post-operative care:

Premedication a day prior or the same day before the surgery, is showing magnificent results in minimal discomfort after the surgery and subsequent less duration using pain medications.

Dietary restrictions are expected, very clear instructions will be given on how to maintain the surgical site stability and cleanliness while recovering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preserve your natural tissue (Bone and gum), prevents teeth shifting, prevents loss of function, shortens treatment time, least invasive with subsequent less discomfort.
Yes, but the guide may vary from tooth born to gum or bone borne depending on your situation.

In most cases no, pain is totally managed by our advanced anaesthetic techniques. However, in some cases if the patient experiences severe emotional stress or anxiety sedation will be recommended. This is something that our team will discuss with you preparing you for your surgery. Oral anxiolytics are often prescribed and used at the night of the surgery then 1 hour before you come to our office should be sufficient to alleviate your anxiety levels. In severe cases of uncontrolled anxious behaviour IV sedation could be a reasonable option.

Bone grafts are indicated for multiple reasons. In most cases your native bone is either damaged due to a tooth infection or after extraction (Natural tooth socket negative space). While implants are artificial, cylindrical in cross section and can’t conform to the damaged or natural socket outline and thus, you need these bone gaps to be filled in around the implant 360. Bone grafts are 100% safe, and hypoallergenic. Grafted extraction sites are generally less painful as they have a kick start in the recovery process.
Initial recovery takes 3-4 days then implant integration (maturity) takes upto 12 weeks at times.
No, initial implant stability is essential for maturity, premature implant loading may lead to implant and or graft failure.

Yes, in some cases where the patient’s existing detention is recognized as terminal and hopeless or might need multiple heavy restorative rounds with a hefty expensive and unguaranteed future, the more predictable option is ALL ON X. This process will involve extracting all of the damaged teeth then put 5 or 6 implants per arch then fixed appliances on top of these implants. Dr. Beshay and his team adopted a very accurate and precise surgical technique for ALL ON X treatment. First street smiles is on of the pioneer offices in the state to adopt these advanced surgical techniques.

On the contrary, by the end of 2 or three years of heavy restorative dental work on severely damaged teeth, you will end up investing much more while you have a heavily restored set of high maintenance teeth, with subsequent unknown costs.
Removable denture patients lose their remaining jaw bone overtime, until the dentures are not sufficiently supported and floating turning the patient’s life into a nightmare, they can’t socialize or eat in restaurant without the floating denture embarrassment. Rest assured, Doctor Beshay and his team can give you implants to either retain or support your dentures.
No, since the implant dentistry advent back in the 80s, Implant companies have been competing to achieve optimal results. In first street smiles, we use STRAUMANN implants which is the best implant system world wide.

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