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In a dental emergency, people rightly search “urgent care near me”, which is natural.  Another important aspect of their preferences is indeed the best quality service. And the First Street Smiles always stands first in providing the best quality urgent dental care and emergency treatment.  With its highly qualified and trained professional team of a dentist or oral surgeon and support staff, the First street Smiles always aims for excellence. As a result, we live no stone unturned to provide the best emergency service to a wider community. 

That is why it is our commitment to earn the trust of clients who seek our advice and service. Naturally the search for excellence leads us to continuously consider the innovation and improvement of our services. The passion to deliver the best service is mutually rewarding as our clients after getting the best quality treatment become our ambassadors and they recommend others to avail of our services as well.

If you have a dental emergency or tooth pain, our emergency dentist or oral surgeon and support team is available to give you urgent dental care. We will help you overcome any emergency situation at our urgent care center.

Our urgent care dentistry even prioritizes patients with severe symptoms and pains. In a single visit, you will get the solutions to many of your oral health issues such as gum disease, root canal, crown coverage, wisdom tooth removal, sensitivities of hot or cold intake, and even an emergency tooth extraction. During the root canal therapy or treating your chipped tooth, we ensure to clean the pulp chamber of any tooth decay part. 

We remove the infected teeth, when it becomes unavoidable or when our clients desire so. However, our dentist provides different scenarios and the result before the clients choose a treatment that best suits him/her. After the extraction or removal of the removed teeth, in the hollow or socket blood clot usually forms. As a result of the extraction of a tooth dry socket complication is likely to arise, which may lead to a painful condition. However, our seamless procedure ensures that such a situation does not arise.

An important feature of our urgent family dentistry is not only ensuring to relieve you of your current dental emergency but also ensure to preempt future emergencies. We deal with emergencies from the root causes, most of the time even before they occur. You will hear our doctors, through your periodic exams speaking to you about “Immediate needs” as well as “future needs”. Our advanced imaging techniques can detect a failure at its early stages. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how it will progress. Having that said, we strongly recommend a proactive approach to your dental needs. Should an emergency happen, help is just a phone call away from you (9786855804). We promise to deliver you through these unpleasant incidents not only safely but also with a solid predictable treatment. We provide most of the specialty services beneath a similar roof with prime-notch technologies, stinting you the trouble and also the inconvenience to manoeuvre between offices.

Our emergency services include:

  • Emergency Root canal Treatment with crown coverage (the same visit start to finish).
  • Emergency teeth extractions.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth extractions.
  • Triaging and evaluating your condition and prescribing necessary medications

We do understand that at times, finances may stand in the way of your needed service. We accept any insurance company which covers dental coverage. Our staff also offer multiple and flexible payment options and financial aid tools for you to pick what suits your needs. So what are you waiting for? Call (978) 685-5804 to schedule an appointment now! If you have scheduled an appointment earlier and need to reschedule it you can simply make a call on our given number or drop a message.

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