Our Office

After COVID 19 we all realized that we need this additional layer of sanitization protection. We Re designed/configured our rooms, front desk and hallways, from the architectural standpoint, to provide a nice relaxing flow of fresh air/ AC to minimize airborne particulate load. Our rooms are all private with walls and doors maintaining your privacy as well as protection against cross contamination with airborne bacteria, viruses. Our HVAC systems got totally renovated and equipped with the maximum (Hospital) grade HEPA filters. Medical grade furniture, wall and flooring with disinfection capabilities and bacteriostatic surface (Slows the growth and multiplication of bacteria).

Our Technology

We provide our services with the cutting edge technology available in the industry both nationally and internationally.

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Our imaging technology

In first street smiles we have the most accurate imaging technologies of 2D imaging (X-rays) for periapical, bitewings and Panoramic radiographs. 3D Scans AKA Cone beam or CBCT radiography volumes for our guided implant surgeries.

Laboratory technology

In first street smiles we're capable of manufacturing 99% of our work in house, SAME DAY Crowns with our CEREC/PRIMESCAN technology, Significantly cutting down your chair time, number of visits, eliminating temporization with potential recontamination risks, and minimizing traditional Lab inaccuracies from 15-18% to 1-1.5%.

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