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Braces and Oral Hygiene

When you wear braces, practicing good oral hygiene is more important than ever. Those brackets and colorful rubber bands are the perfect spots for food, bacteria, and plaque to hide. If not removed through good oral hygiene, that can lead to cavities, teeth staining, or worse down the road. There are easy ways to take care of your braces and oral hygiene simultaneously.

Brush Often

How often is often? That depends on how many times you eat during the day. Brushing immediately after a meal, or snack, will help remove any lingering food particles, bacteria, or plaque. If you can’t brush right after you eat, use water to rinse your mouth to wash away any remnants of food. And then brush when you can. Wires, brackets, and rubber bands makes brushing more difficult. Instead of your normal two minute brush, try brushing for three minutes while wearing braces. This way you’ll have time to get around all the metal in your mouth and clean your teeth thoroughly. If you’re having trouble reaching all the debris in your mouth with your normal toothbrush, consider using a Waterpik or other water flosser.


Wearing braces can make flossing a challenge. You can use a floss with a stiff end to make it easier to navigate around the wires in your mouth. Another option is using a floss thread which makes flossing with braces easier. It helps you thread floss under and around the wires in your mouth.

Remember to Use Mouthwash

Once a day you should use mouthwash to protect the enamel and strengthen your teeth. Use a mouthwash without alcohol, but with fluoride to achieve the best result. Taking care of your braces and oral hygiene with the proper tools and routine should go smoothly. If you have any questions, problems, or need to schedule your next check up with Dr. Rizza, contact us today.