Cosmetic Restoration
Cosmetic Bonding
Do you have a small chip in your tooth that needs to be repaired? Cosmetic bonding might be the right procedure for you. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure designed to apply a composite resin to the affected area in order to repair it. This easy and cost-effective procedure is completed in only one visit to First Street smiles.
Cosmetic bonding is a remarkable procedure to rebuild your tooth and enhance a beautiful smile. Dr. Rizza will carefully build your tooth, artistically define its shape, thickness, and color to match the bonded color of your teeth to their natural smile. Your smile is restored with a non-invasive, non-surgical bonding procedure. This in-office treatment helps with:
  • Eliminating gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Whitening and brightening discolored teeth
  • Reshaping teeth to complete the perfect smile
Each smile is different and creating the perfect one for you is where science meets art.
Dr. Beshay’s expertise and talent is exhibited by delivering beautiful results and giving you a gorgeous and bright smile.
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Patient Testimonial:
Dr. Beshay did a beautiful and solid job on my front teeth bonding. The smallest shaping, color, size can make or break the outcome and as these are a prominent part of my smile, I am always nervous to have to re-do this. Dr. Beshay fixed a job I wasn’t happy with at a different cosmetic dentist, and the experience was more comfortable with him as well.
He also has the Cerec technology, which will allow him to do a restoration or crown in one visit. He is very artistic in his approach to all the dental work and takes his time. His office is bright and warm, his staff is friendly and puts you at ease.
He has artwork that speaks to grown-ups and children, and tv’s on the ceiling to distract you during your cleaning, treatment.
His practice is an excellent choice for your family’s dentistry needs. I highly recommend him.

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Our cosmetic dentistry includes crown restoration, bonding, veneers, bridges/dentures, whitening, and tooth colored fillings.

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