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Tooth-Colored Fillings

If your smile is dotted with silver amalgam fillings come to First Street Smiles and let Dr. Beshay replace those with tooth-colored fillings.

Scientific studies and our extensive experience show that tooth-colored fillings are durable, safe, and long-lasting; and they look great! If you come to First Street Smiles for a filling, rest assured it will be done with comfort and speed, without compromising the outcoming you need. The best part of a tooth-colored filling—no one will ever know you had a cavity.

As medical advancements continue in the world of cosmetic dentistry, you can be confident Dr. Beshay stays up to speed on the latest and greatest techniques, products, services, and technology. His commitment to the patients of First Street Smiles is to bring the best dental care in the Merrimack Valley.

Don’t flash those metal fillings around—enhance your smile with natural white composite fillings. Schedule your appointment today.

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Our cosmetic dentistry includes crown restoration, bonding, veneers, bridges/dentures, whitening, and tooth colored fillings.

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