Dr. Rizza’s Guide to Surviving Halloween Candy

Does this sound familiar? Your kids comes home, after hours of hard work, steps and adorable or scary “Trick or Treat” chiming and proudly dumps their loot and all you can think about is how unhealthy every piece is.

Every parent has to decide how to handle the overindulgence of candy, in a world where we try to set healthier guidelines and lifestyles. Of course we have the dentist payoff programs, where you can turn in the weight of your candy for a surprise from your dentist, or you can pack it up and send it to our service men and women, and we certainly encourage you to participate in minimizing the amount of candy your child will actually consume. But you should let them enjoy a little bit of their work, so here is the lowdown on what is the most “dangerous” candy to your children’s teeth.

The Worst Offenders:

Gummy Candy

If it’s sticky, it’s right up there with the worst culprit of cavity causing treats. It is sticky, and harder to brush, and remove from the surface of your teeth, so if you are allowing your children to indulge, spend more time on brushing, rinsing, and flossing to be sure you’ve removed as much as possible.


You’ve bee waiting for this, it’s your best choice! It’s one of the most common treats handed out, and is removed from teeth relatively easily. If you happen to enjoy dark chocolate, this type contains less sugar of other chocolates.

Sour Candies

Kids loves those Sour Patch Kids, but, they are coated in sugar and acidic. It’s a double whammy.

Hard Candy

Another serious offender, these can break teeth, and are a chocking risk. Also they stay in the mouth for a longer period of time, dissolving the sugar and giving it ample time to attach to the teeth. We advise to avoid the hard candies.

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