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Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Whether it’s eating their vegetables, taking a bath, going to bed on time, or brushing their teeth we all know kids have a mind of their own and their first reaction is sometimes a stern “NO!” Today, we have a particular interest in your kids oral health and want to share out best advice to get your kids to brush their teeth.

Four Minutes of Fun

Don’t make brushing teeth a chore by setting a timer and looking over your kid’s shoulder the entire time. Turn up the speakers, find your kid’s favorite song, and let your child brush and dance the two minutes away. There are even playlists out there for younger children to brush along with. If music isn’t the answer, maybe it’s stories or videos—now is the time to be creative to make sure your child has fun while brushing their teeth.

Start a Routine and Stick to It

Don’t let your child skip a morning or night of brushing—even if your normal schedule is off. Vacation is not an excuse for not brushing teeth. Nor is a late night at a sporting event or evening with their grandparents. As brushing their teeth gets reinforced as a daily occurrence no matter what else is happening around them, it will become second nature.

Reward Good Behavior!

You know what motivates your child—books, TV shows, or a simple high five. Set up a rewards system—big or small—to encourage and reward good brushing behavior.

Know Your Resources

There are countless storylines on Sesame Street about brushing teeth. Additionally, many of your child’s favorite books and characters also talk about brushing. Use these resources so you can hold up their favorite character as a good example.


If you haven’t found a story to inspire your child make up your own! Be as creative as you want to encourage your child to brush their teeth!

Let Your Kid Go Shopping

To make it seem like they have input in brushing their teeth, let your child pick a toothbrush and toothpaste. Your child might want one with bright colors or their favorite characters on it. There are a variety to choose from that will make their brushing experience more enjoyable.

Brush as a Family

Your children learn from you so set an example. Brush together as a family to give everyone a reason to smile more.

We hope some of these suggestions help to get your kids to brush their teeth. The entire team at First Street Smiles looks forward to your children’s next visit and to seeing their happy smiles.