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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

When you think of your next visit to the dentist’s office, how do you feel? While statistics vary, they all agree that dental anxiety is common. If your worry is keeping you from scheduling regular cleanings and exams or even from seeking treatment for broken or decayed teeth, the team at First Street Smiles is here to help. Here’s what you can do for the most common worries about dental care.

You’ve had a bad experience in the past

Most patients who are afraid to come in have had a bad experience in the past – perhaps the dentist started work before their tooth was numb or the staff made them feel embarrassed about decayed or broken teeth. Maybe they were overbilled or had extensive dental issues and are worried they might find themselves in the same position next time they go. If you can relate to this worry, you may have seen the wrong dentist in the past. Most dentists are kind, helpful, and able to provide pain-free dental restoration. Try a new office and call in advance to share your fears and ask questions.

You’re worried it might hurt

Some patients don’t schedule regular appointments because they’re afraid it’s going to hurt. This fear is very common, but dental treatment has come a long way. In fact, we use a topical (gel) numbing agent before we even give the injection to numb you completely, so patients either nothing at all when they get the injection or just a tiny pinch. For patients who suffer from debilitating fear, nitrous oxide – or laughing gas – can help you relax.

You’re too embarrassed

There are many reasons patients might find themselves in a state of poor oral health – sometimes it’s the result of poverty, fear of the dentist, lack of training or understanding, addiction, or underlying health conditions. These patients are often afraid that they’ll be belittled by the dentist or the hygienist. It’s important to choose the right practice. Dr. Rizza at First Street Smiles lives to transform the mouths and lives of patients who are experiencing significant oral health issues. He and his staff are passionate about restoring, educating, and empowering without ever making you feel inadequate or embarrassed. Whatever the reason you have found yourself in this position, we understand and we want to help. To take the first step toward overcoming your dental anxiety, contact us at First Street Smiles today. We’ll answer all of your questions and help you prepare for your appointment without fear.