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Prevent Childhood Tooth Injuries

Active children inevitably get banged up—scraped knees, bruises, and chipped teeth. A minor chip is not a big deal, but something larger can lead to long-term problems. As your family is out and about during the summer, take preventative measures to prevent childhood tooth injuries.

Set Boundaries

Don’t let your infants run with bottles, sippy cups, or other objects in their mouths. Older children should be discouraged from climbing or jumping onto, or from, high surfaces in the house. And the mouth should never be used as a tool to open items, break apart toys, or as part of a game.

Watch What They Eat

We understand that getting a baby or toddler to eat certain items can be difficult. But food should not be forced into their mouth using a bottle or spoon. Soft oral tissue can easily be damaged. Additionally, sharp or point food items like chips can also cause injuries to these tissues if they are not eaten carefully.

Protective Gear

As children get older and begin to participate in sports, mouth guards should always be worn. Either purchase one at your local drug store or contact Dr. Rizza today for a custom made mouth guard. Helmets and proper shoes should be worn while biking, skateboarding, or using a scooter. Preventative actions like these will help prevent childhood tooth injuries.

Take Immediate Action

Vomiting, dizziness, disorientation, or bleeding from the nose or ears are all signs of a concussion and should be treated immediately at the emergency room. If there is extensive bleeding from the mouth area—lips, gums, or cheek—use a a paper towel to apply pressure until bleeding stops and then use ice to reduce swelling. If a tooth is fractured or completely knocked out, call your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment. Teeth which are completely knocked out can be reimplanted within an hour and should be cleaned with water or milk for transport your dentist.