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Save Your Loose Tooth

Adult teeth shouldn’t wiggle; not even a tiny amount. If any of yours are, you need to act immediately to save your loose tooth. That means a visit to your dentist as soon as possible to avoid permanent loss. There are two main reasons why an adult’s tooth becomes loose. One, because of underlying gum issues due to clenching of the jaw or grinding of teeth. And the other, a weak bone structure due to gum disease where normal biting or chewing results in a tooth becoming loose. To save your loose tooth, immediate steps must be taken.

Treat disease

When a gum infection is to blame for your loose tooth it needs to be treated immediately. A dentist will work to remove any plaque which is built up and the underlying bacteria and food associated with it. This could be a one time treatment or may require session sessions to fully fix.

Reduce out of the ordinary biting

Teeth can become loose due to high bite forces. A dentist can treat this by reshaping the biting surfaces of your teeth to minimize the force placed upon them while biting. Alternatively, a mouth guard can be worn to minimize the effect of teeth grinding.

Splint teeth

If a tooth is loose, a dentist can secure it by adding metal strips or other stabilization means. Typically, splinting is not a standalone procedure and is done in conjunction with one of the aforementioned treatments. Splinting is usually only a temporary measure which is done until your loose tooth regains its attachments. A loose tooth is not destined to be lost forever. If you act quickly and schedule an appointment with Dr. Rizza to save your loose tooth you’ll have a better chance of keeping it.