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Why You Should See Your Dentist Routinely

Our busy lives often cause us to overlook anything that isn’t screaming for attention. This is very true about routine dental check up. Here are our best reasons to remember to book and keep your routine dental check ups at First Street Smiles!

Disease Detection

Early signs and diagnosis of any oral diseases is your best bet for resolution and effective treatment. At your visits, we don’t just scrape tartar, and check for cavities. We look for disease like Gingivitis and Oral Infections, abscess, and indications of more serious disease, such oral cancers.

Cavities, Plaque and Tartar

No-one likes a filing, but untreated cavities don’t just affect the surface of the tooth and cosmetic issues. Decay goes into the root of the tooth, causing very serious concerns with your bones, tissue, and nerves. Come see us, we want to make sure you don’t succumb to anything that could be treated in early stages, and keep your choppers strong and clean!

Friendly reminders for self care and good habits

We certainly don’t want to make you fear these conditions, but we do like to give friendly reminders and helpful tips, keeping you on the best path to maintaining a healthy smile. Of course, we want to make sure you are aware of the negative impacts of smoking, sugary snacks and drinks, late night eating, lack of flossing and proper brushing, We want your visits to be as quick and easy on you as possible and holding you to healthy habits will make sure your visits are fast, with a gold star that you are doing a great job with your home dental care routines.

X-rays, seeing what can’t be seen with the eye.

X-rays show us what is happening below your gums, in your roots, and bones. Early concerns in your jawbone can be detected, decay, inflammation, and other major oral concerns, which often do not come with symptoms until they are in a serious state can all be detected with dental x-rays.

It is important to take care of you.

It is likely there are a bunch of people who count on you, or who you make this world a brighter place for. It is easy to push off your health care to do all the things that seem more important. An hour, twice a year is the best gift you can give to yourself and all the people who care about you and need you. Come see us at First Street Smiles for all your appointments so we can keep your oral health is tip top shape!