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When You Need to Replace a Filling

Fillings can last a long time, however, they do need to be replaced. If your fillings are starting to deteriorate, gap, or decay, it’s important to replace them. Untreated, these leave an opening into the roots, nerves and bone, which can lead to infection, nerve damage and bone disease. If replacing filling has been recommended, it is likely this is to restore long term health of your tooth.

As a standard, First Street Smiles replaces older silver fillings with tooth colors, or composite fillings. The outcome is much ore aesthetically pleasing with the same effective outcome.


We will be sure to address any questions or concerns you have about failing fillings, or our replacement options.
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Signs it’s time to replace your fillings:

Cracks: Sometimes these can be felt with your tongue, or catches on floss.

Pain: If you have a tooth ache, always make an appointment with your dentist. Let us check and catch any concerns early.

Sensitivity: This may indicate a leak or pulling away of a filling

It falls out: Fillings may fall out in what may seem like a tiny piece, but any loss of a filling needs to be restored. Make an appointment as soon as you believe you may have lost any piece or part of a filling.

We are here for you, and want to make sure you have a healthy smile and the best care for your teeth.
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